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3 BHK Home Interiors: What's The Average Cost?

Are you considering the 3BHK flat interior design cost for owning or upgrading your home? Wondering about the average cost for interior design? This blog has got you covered! We will break down the factors, check prices in different cities, look at room-wise expenses, and even get inspiration from real 3BHK homes. So, whether you are planning a significant change or just curious, this guide simplifies the world of interior design for your 3BHK space.

Let us now delve into the factors that affect the cost of interiors for a 3BHK.

3BHK Flat Interior Design Cost

Factors Influencing 3BHK Interior Design Cost

Understanding the intricacies of what affects the interior design cost for 3BHK homes is crucial for effective budgeting. Let us break down the key factors that play an important role in determining the overall expenditure.

1. Location Matters

Firstly, the location plays a pivotal role, with interior design costs notably higher in major cities like Mumbai than in smaller towns like Pune. This difference is due to the higher real estate prices and increased costs of materials and services in larger urban centers.

2. Size and Valuation

Size is another crucial factor influencing the overall expense. Larger 3BHK spaces generally incur higher design costs due to the increased area that needs attention and styling. Valuation comes into play, where the cost of interior design can be directly linked to the property's price per square foot. Consequently, a higher property cost translates to an increased interior design


3. Scope of Design

The scope of the design project is the most important in determining costs. Whether opting for a complete home interior upgrade or focusing on specific areas like the kitchen, bedroom, or living and dining room significantly affects the overall expenditure.

4. Renovation vs New Property

Moreover, distinguishing between renovating an existing property and designing a new one is essential. Renovations involving civil changes and repair work incur different costs compared to a new property design.

5. Material Selection

Lastly, the materials and finishes selected for cabinets, furniture, and wardrobes contribute to cost variations. Opting for high-end materials can elevate the 3BHK interior design packages, while more budget-friendly choices can help manage expenses. Understanding and balancing these factors are crucial to creating a realistic budget for your 3BHK interior design project.

City-Wise Breakdown of 3BHK Interior Cost

Are you wondering if the costs of designing a 3BHK home change in different cities? In cities like Mumbai, where there are many job opportunities but not the best infrastructure, real estate, and interior design costs tend to be higher than in other places.

But in places like Bangalore, which also has good job opportunities but better infrastructure, interior design costs are often lower than in other cities.

Here is a look at the approximate interior design costs for a 3BHK in different cities:

Note that the above mentioned costs are rough estimates, and the exact costs can vary based on where your home is, how big it is, what you need, the materials you pick, and how much work needs to be done.

Room-Wise Breakdown of 3BHK Interior Design Package

When planning the interior design for your 3BHK, understanding the room-wise cost breakdown is crucial. Explore the costs for basic, premium, and supreme 3BHK interior designs for different rooms, including the kitchen, living room, dining room, and bedrooms.





Living and Dining Space

T.V Unit

25 SQ FT

Rs. 31,250

​Puja Unit with Glass (Depth - 450 mm)

15 SQ FT

Rs. 19,500

Kitchen Space

Lower Cabinet

60.50 SQ FT

Rs. 96,800

Middle Cabinet

31.5 SQ FT

Rs. 40,950


25 SQ FT

Rs. 22,500

Master Bedroom


49 SQ FT

Rs. 63,700


17.5 SQ FT

Rs. 13,125

Dressing Unit

14 SQ FT

Rs. 18,200

Kid’s Bedroom


49 SQ FT

Rs. 63,700


17.5 SQ FT

Rs. 15,750

Guest Bedroom


35 SQ FT

Rs. 45,500


12.5 SQ FT

Rs. 11,250

According to the table above, the foundational cost for 3BHK interiors is Rs. 4,45,000. It is important to note that this figure represents a basic estimate and may vary based on individual preferences and specific requirements. The final price could be influenced by customized design elements, materials choice, and additional features tailored to meet personal needs. Therefore, this initial amount serves as a starting point, and each homeowner's unique specifications and preferences will determine the ultimate cost.

Scope of Work Breakdown for 3BHK Interior Design Package

Regarding 3BHK interior design, understanding the nitty-gritty is the key, whether for a renovation or a new home. Tasks like demolition, tiling, electrical work, false ceiling, painting, window treatment, furniture, and curtains contribute to the overall cost. Each step plays a role in shaping your space. So, whether tearing down walls or picking out curtains, each task has its price tag. Breaking down these costs gives you a clearer picture of what goes into making your 3BHK not just a house but a personalized and stylish home.

Labor Costs in 3BHK Interior Design

In the context of 3BHK interior design, labor costs are a fundamental component of the overall budget. Breaking down these costs involves examining tasks like painting, false ceiling installation, and carpentry. Each task requires skilled labor to bring the design vision to fruition. Furthermore, understanding the total labor costs per square foot provides a comprehensive view of the financial investment necessary for the workforce. Acknowledging the importance of labor expenses ensures a transparent and informed approach to budgeting for a 3BHK interior design project.


Designing the interiors of a 3BHK is both thrilling and complex. However, you can navigate this journey confidently by grasping the factors impacting costs, exploring city-specific breakdowns, and finding inspiration from real homes across various budgets. It is essential to harmonize your vision with your budget, and Ideas and Living is here to assist you at every turn. The average 3BHK flat interior design cost is significant in this process. Regardless of your budget scale, crafting a space that mirrors your personality and lifestyle is entirely achievable. Remember, the key is thoughtful planning, aligning your preferences, and striking that perfect balance between aspiration and affordability. With Ideas and Living by your side, turning your 3BHK into a personalized haven becomes an exciting and achievable endeavor.

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