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Is the living room the place where you like to sit and sip your favourite beverage? At times, with various thoughts in your mind waiting to rest or be sorted? It may be the place for you to have your own moments, your own space where you can do all that you want to. Wait, we do not mean to say that it's not a place to share with family and friends design your living room in the most fanciful style as you want with Ideas and Living. We give you multiple options to choose from. Let your living room do the talking for you!

Living Room Interior Designers In Bangalore

Type of Living Room Interiors

There are many different styles of living rooms, each with its own unique personality. You should choose one that fits your lifestyle and personality. If you prefer a more traditional style, then go with something classic and timeless. A modern living room will fit well into any home decorating scheme.

Contemporary Living Room

What Exactly Is Contemporary Style? A modern decorating style is characterized by its simplicity, subtle elegance, purposeful use of texture, and clean lines. Interiors tend to emphasize space rather than objects. Contemporary style refers to items that are modern and current with current fashion trends.

Traditional Living Room

Traditional design is characterized by beauty and sophistication. The style of traditional rooms is based on principles from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Electic living Room

The modern eclectic look promotes a dynamic mix of antiqued and historic artefacts with newer and contemporary designs. To guarantee your space is multidimensional, you should always mix and match based only on things you actually adore.

Transitional Modern Living Room
Transitional Modern

This design embraces a timeless look, celebrating natural light and a relaxed vibe with smooth, blending elements that create warm but contemporary [interiors]. If you believe your style to be midway between traditional and modern, choose transitional style for a warm but modern look.

Mediterranean Living Room design

This design combines classic Mediterranean elements with a contemporary spin. These homes include an emphasis on indoor-outdoor living, big, open floor designs, and Spanish and Italian elements.

Foyer living room ideas

Place lanterns or galvanized pails with candles in them on the steps to greet guests as they enter the porch. Add an outside rug to make the place feel more inviting. Throw a couple throws on the furniture, so you can wrap yourself up on cold evenings. Accent pillows may be used on furniture to offer colour and comfort.

Puja Unit Designs
Puja unit

A single shelf that is mounted on the wall or Temple-style Puja, Stone-clad Puja Units or Wall-attached Compact Cabinet. We are all equipped with the latest styles to match your desire.

False ceuling designs
False ceiling

It can aid in energy conservation and waste reduction. It may even improve and increase a room's sound. False ceilings reduce the demand for air conditioning, give the area a distinct aspect, and do so much more. The key to making them properly is meticulous preparation and a keen sense of aesthetics.

Why Choose Ideas And Living For Living Room Interiors?

The living room is the first place our eyes fall on, and we make the first impression. Ideas and living, the best interior designing firm in Bangalore, is passionate about ensuring the best look clubbed with functionality and comfort in your house's most crucial area.


The team of experts works round the clock to get out their creative best living room designs. Not only this, we give prime importance to the views and likes of our clients. Come and explore the options with us for a complete range of styles catering to your specific idea and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the different styles of living room ideas and living offer?

A:  ideas and living expert interior design firm offer the best bedroom designs in Bangalore for master bedrooms, guest bedrooms, kids bedrooms and study bedrooms at the most affordable prices

Q:  What should I keep on the living room wall?

A: Bedroom interior designs from ideas and living will cost based on the type of interior design packages you select cost may vary based on requirements.

Q: How to arrange furniture in the small living room?

A: Yes, Ideas and living -  interior designers in Bangalore offer a warranty on bedroom interior services in Bangalore.

Q: Do ideas and living offer a warranty /guarantee to loving room interiors?

A: Yes, we can customize a Modern bedroom design. Ideas and Living give the best modern bedroom design in Bengaluru,  India, and has won multiple awards for its latest bedroom interior design ideas and works. 

Q: How can ideas and living make my living room more beautiful?

A: The best materials to use for bedroom interiors are i ) Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) ii) Commercial Plywood iii) Boiling waterproof (BWP) iv) High-Density High Moisture Resistant board. You can check our blog to find out the best plywood types and how to select the best one based on your requirements