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The kitchen is the centre of producing the most positive energy at home, it's the heart and soul of any home. Other than being functional, it should be aesthetically pleasing for the mind and soul. Kitchen interior designers at Ideas and Living are experts in giving a variety of colours, tints, materials, finishes, and layouts. We understand the unique choices of each of our clients, and develop a customized kitchen built to every inch of detailing. We only use high-quality hardware and accessories. When investing in the interior designing of the kitchen, we take care that the design and functionality is channelized well with the family who has to make use of it. 

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Types Of Kitchen Interiors

Different people, different tastes! Although we are talking about kitchens, the taste we are talking about is not of food! Yes, the types of kitchen on the basis of how a client likes it here is the most Common Kitchen Layout Designs, which we are experts in developing for your sweet home Most popular Kitchen interior in Bangalore designed by Ideas and Living are here for you.

Kitchen Interior
The Kitchen with One Wall

This simplistic structure, which is commonly found in smaller kitchens, saves space without sacrificing functionality.

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The Galley Kitchen

The arrangement of a galley kitchen is defined by two parallel counters with a walking area in between. Because the room might look limited, bright colours should be used to make the kitchen feel open and spacious.

Modern Kitchen
The L-Shaped Kitchen

An L-Shaped kitchen plan, as the name implies, is made up of two neighbouring walls and runs of cabinetry, which are frequently referred to as the “legs” of the L. The length of the L's legs may vary depending on the available space, and the design itself is suited for both big and small kitchens.

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The U-Shaped Kitchen

A U-shaped kitchen is a kitchen layout with three walls lined with cupboards and equipment. It is a practical design that saves floor space. A U-shaped kitchen is one that makes the most of its wall space by utilizing it for cupboards and equipment.

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The Island Kitchen

A kitchen island is a standalone device designed to improve the practicality and beauty of your home's cooking area. The typical unit is rectangular in design, with one portion serving as a breakfast counter.

Mahogany Kitchen

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