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Modular Wardrobe Design For Bedroom

Modular Wardrobe Designers

Modern Wardrobe Designs For Your Bedroom

Your wardrobe and the items in it represent your lifestyle. When considering purchasing a new wardrobe or replacing an old one in Bangalore, the design becomes the most significant issue, as the primary function of a wardrobe is space management.


Your clothing design reveals a lot about your taste and style statement. The style and colour of your wardrobe laminates should complement or contrast with the surrounding décor to create a rhythmic flow in interiors.


With the advent of affordable, intelligent houses with limited space, sliding-door wardrobes have taken the globe by storm since they give endless customization options while consuming less space. Furthermore, choosing a sliding wardrobe over a traditional swing door wardrobe depends on your décor setup since sliding door wardrobes combine well with a modern interior setup, mainly when you desire restricted but ordered areas. Another advantage of sliding door wardrobes is that they can be utilized in any room, regardless of décor; change the laminates, and you're done.

Leading Wardrobe Designers In Bangalore

Different Types Of Wardrobes Designs

Different people, different tastes! Although choosing an ideal wardrobe in Bangalore isn't easy, we have made it simple for you which we are experts in developing for your sweet home. The most popular wardrobe designs in Bangalore designed by Ideas and Living are here.

Sliding wardrobe Design

1. Sliding Door Wardrobe

Choose sliding wardrobe styles to make a stylistic statement in your space. Lacquered Glass, mirrored, laminate, frosted, and other materials are available for the wardrobe designs. You can select any based on your needs and preferences.


The sliding door wardrobes blend royalty with required utility and ample storage space, making them ideal for your regal residence.


Sliding wardrobes can be fitted anywhere and save you much space. Thus, sliding wardrobes are the ideal choice for saving space.


Transform your space with a superb sliding wardrobe installation that can easily contain all your belongings. Wardrobes with sliding doors appear sleek, trendy, and modern.

2. Fitted Wardrobe

Show off your personality and add a touch of elegance to your room's décor with elegant and well-built fitted wardrobes. Fitted wardrobes are ideal if you want a closet that provides space efficiency and a fashion statement.


Fitted wardrobes make additional space for your belongings and may be customized to fit the dimensions of your room. Fitted wardrobes can maximize available vertical space and are ideal for transforming odd areas in your home. We believe in producing outstanding wardrobe designs without sacrificing quality or usefulness.


In contrast to standard fitted wardrobes, we provide the best wardrobe design option with minimal wasted space. Extending from the floor to the ceiling they give the most trendy look.

Fitted Wardrobe Design
Glass Wardrobe Design

3. Glass Wardrobe

Glass wardrobes give you the aesthetic and style you want without sacrificing utility.


Glass wardrobes are top of the most recent wardrobe designs due to their aesthetic appeal. A glass wardrobe, which is both modern and beautiful, may improve the overall appearance of your room.


Glass wardrobes are fashionable wardrobes that provide glitter and grace to any decor. Glass wardrobes are ideal if you want pieces that are distinct and stick out. Glass wardrobes quickly improve the visual appeal of the bedroom.


The fantastic glass trend is taking over houses with its breathtaking look and impeccable artistry. A vertical mirror or Glass is preferable because it allows you to check out the entire attire before walking out.

4. Hinged Wardrobe

It combines style and grace! Hinged wardrobes are always in manner. Hinged wardrobes have a modern yet elegant appearance that complements the decor of any space.


Try out hinged wardrobes with a trendy design twist. As a classic room accent, hinged wardrobes are not limited to solely traditional styles. It might be a terrific option if you have enough space in your room to open the doors properly.


Take a break from usual selections and try out this design variation for your space; we are confident you will be satisfied. Your place is precious, and our rigorous approach enriches it by offering flawless design and services.

Hinged Wardrobe Design
Walk-in wardrobe Design

5. Walk-In Wardrobe

Walk-in closets are appreciated for combining design and sophistication with luxury and comfort.


An exquisite walk-in closet arrangement, immersed in the exciting colours of your choosing, seamlessly combines diverse textures and materials with an eclectic combination of décor objects to get the required appearance.


Stack your storage to the rafters; if you have high ceilings, you can use the extra height to keep track of everything. The upper parts may be utilized for formal attire, seasoned attire, or just bedding.


Rethink your surroundings! You may need more space for a large walk-in, but a deep nook with sliding doors placed across can be the ideal solution.mEvery millimeter of space in our exquisitely made walk-in closets is maximized.


Our lovely variety of modern and trendy wardrobes employs unique designs to provide enough storage space and a satisfying conclusion that will help you beautify the interiors of your room.

Why choose us?

The experts at Ideas and Living bring the best to the table. There are Inspiring home interior designers with a clean and polished appearance. Our wardrobe designers are well-trained to understand our customers' needs and present them with the most significant design concepts in a timely manner. To maintain a reliable and honest connection with our clients, we frequently ask them to observe current interior design projects in various locations.

Furthermore, handing out the quotation to our clients following the design discussion reflects on our transparent processes, and it is our belief that budget discussion in the early stages of design development helps us suggest economic yet long-lasting elements and materials to our customers, allowing them to better plan their interior project expenses.

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