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The living room embraces the occupants and guests as they enter the house. The aura that fills this space depends on various factors like color themes, decor, the play of light across the area and, of course, the vibes carried by all around.


At Ideas and Living, we make sure you have a perfect blend of it all.

The range of items we use in the kitchen is vast and necessitates careful placement. It's not simply a spot where we cook, but also where we spend a lot of time. The sequence of cabinets, the style of a color run, the source of light, and the addition of furniture are some of the elements we consider guaranteeing that the energy is entirely positive.

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Home Interiors

As we call it, the dwelling place is the central focus of our lives. We do our best to make it the most beautiful place to be in. We ensure great design, technology, and industry-standard use of materials.


We have the experience to make the best possible at affordable prices.

Dining Room Interiors

Those moments, when we finally come together to enjoy the natural source of energy to us, yes food, are spent in the dining room.


The exchange of talks can lead to great ideas if the complete atmosphere is well-designed!


The furniture must be the most comfortable and appealing at the same time.

Our bedroom is the place to relax and eventually have a sound sleep. The only place where we get the most comforts is our bedroom.


We pay special attention to what is your idea of relaxation. The responsibility of making sure you are rejuvenated every time you rest here is ours!

Custom- made Furniture

We excel in making the furniture with the best of material and which is custom-made for your home. When our clients demand a mix of modern and ancient furniture, we do not disappoint them.


We go extra miles to procure what it takes to come up with what's asked for and at the end of the day we know that we have done our best, and we have a happy client out there!

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