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Ideas and Living is a well-known studio of interior designers in Bangalore that blends art, aesthetics, and science. We embellish your well-designed spatial structure with beauty, not extrinsic beauty slapped on top of it, but beauty built into the overall arrangement and design.

We are committed to blending creativity and excellence with your vision and designing your one-of-a-kind but completely distinct home. Find sublime art for your house at us, a veritable kaleidoscope of practicality, technology, and emotions. Over 200+ beautiful residences in Bangalore have been finished by our devoted, impassioned, and incredibly creative interior designers. So, if you're seeking the most outstanding Home interior designers in Bangalore, Ideas and Living is the place to come.

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Interior Designing


We are well-known interior designers in Bangalore, with a reputation for cutting-edge design, cutting-edge technology, and industry-standard products.

Interior Designing


Ideas and Living recommend that your home strike a balance of comfort and luxury. We wish to bring you closer to nature with our stylish designs for your living.

Interior Designing


Ideas and Living imagine your house plan and modify places to make them more beautiful and functional. Complete your home the way you have dreamed of.

About Us

Why Choose Ideas & Living?

Ideas and Living provide consultation and services in Bangalore for Home Interiors, Woodwork, Home Renovation, Modular Kitchens, Wardrobes, Kitchen Cabinets, Wall to Wall woodwork in Bedroom, Living room, and Dining room, Wall paneling, and False Ceiling.


We provide a life-changing experience by harnessing the positive energy inside your home and turning it into an experience you long for.


Contact us for a free estimate. We will work with you and within your budget to provide the comfort and luxury you need from your home.

Interior Designing

Our Services


Interiors that touch your living.

Brand New Kitchen


We create luxury from simplicity.



Decor that feels special.

Dining Room


Build memories with experience.

Interior Design
Our Process

Our Interior Design Company In Bangalore is a responsible firm. Our top concern is the client’s happiness. Therefore, we work directly with them from the beginning to the end of each project to understand their requirements and then establish a clear creative vision.  

Our process is as unique as ours!

Analyze the Space

Recognize the Space and Requirements

Make a budget

Prepare a budget for interior design, as well as design development.

Make a list of all the fittings

Make a list of all the electrical and plumbing points you'll need.

Plan the placement

Plan the false Ceiling Designs, Flooring, Furniture, and Woodwork Designs and Materials.

Choose a color theme

Choosing colors,  wallpaper, lamps, light placement, and other house accessories.

Inspect and fine-tune

Inspection of Installation and Finishing touches.

Interiors Completed

You dream home is ready

Handing over the keys

Your Home! Your Dream!

Our process is crisp and transparent. From analyzing the space to transforming it to finally handing over the keys, we make sure our clients are satisfied with our time-bound services.





High Quality

Products Assured

Transform Your Home With Best Interior Design Company In Town

You may be certain about the layout of your home, but putting it into action might be challenging. Therefore, you need a Home interior designer. An interior designer makes certain to meet all of your home's nitty-gritty space planning requirements.


The educated vision and ingenuity of the designers of Idea and Living will astound you with designed solutions you never thought of.


We pay close attention to the smallest details to ensure that your home is exactly what you want.

Modern Living Room


We have the know-how you need.

Interior Designing

Our Interior Design Services In Bangalore

Ideas and Living is a full-service Interior Design Company In Bangalore that specializes in home and small-scale commercial design and decorating. We will help you communicate interior elements to architects and builders both before and throughout the construction process. We create a life-changing event by capturing the good energy in your home and turning it into the experience you desire.

  • Home Interiors

  •  Woodwork

  • Home Renovation

  • Modular Kitchens

  •  Wardrobes

  • Kitchen Cabinets

  • Wall-to-Wall woodwork in Bedroom

  •  Living room

  • Dining room

  •  Wall Paneling

  • False Ceiling.

Recent Projects


“Last year I was searching for a home interior designer in Bangalore and I found Ideas and Living for my home and am so satisfied with their work. I was surprised to see that they completed the project before the decided time”

Satya Shetty

“I'm thrilled I went with Ideas and Living for my home design project. Everything went smoothly from the planning stages to the implementation.”

T. Sravanthi Rao

“Ideas and Living are fantastic designers with a lot of talent. Our 3 bedroom home was designed by them. Despite the fact that our budget was drastically decreased owing to building costs, their talent helped us to achieve a stunning modern high-end style. ”

Aarthi Sharma

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