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What Is Plywood And How To Select The Best Plywood For Furniture?

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

If you were wondering where you can read about plywood and the way to select the best, here is an interesting read about it.

What is plywood?

What is plywood?

Plywood is a material made from thin layers or “plies” of wood veneer that are bonded together, with adjacent layers’ wood grain rotated up to 90 degrees to one another. The veneers can be made of wood, plastic, or another composite material. It's a flat sheet that is thick, substantial, and flexible. It is frequently favored over wood since it is less expensive and does not warp or shrink with time. It has a variety of uses for furniture, storage, flooring, and construction.

Plywood types in India are many that work best for interiors and are defined by the wood used, the application, and the technique.

The best choice for furniture is A-grade plywood. It is the most durable wood for interior and exterior wooden furniture. Known for having excellent resistance to rot, insects, and fungi, it also has exceptional sound absorption, which makes it highly suitable for car and boat interiors.

Let's look at the three most common varieties of plywood used by interior designers in Bangalore

Types Of Plywood

Types Of Plywood

MR ply

MR plywood is ideal for furniture such as beds and cabinets, a kind of plywood widely used in interiors. MR plywood is at the top of the list due to its high resistance to moisture in wet and humid circumstances. It is not, however, waterproof.


They are best-plywood-for-furniture-water-resistant-BWR-sheets because they are waterproof, and BWR sheets are utilized in kitchens and bathrooms. It is ideal for cupboards in kitchens and bathrooms, BWR is a good choice due to its water resistance. It is also appropriate for all-weather situations. It is utilized for wall cladding, stairs, and other side applications.

Marine Ply

Marine Ply provides long-lasting interiors. The resilience of marine plywood is well recognized. The most popular varieties of plywood for furniture because of their durability and high quality. Carpenters frequently assume it to be the same as BWR and BWP ply. However, the parallels are few. To a large extent, the Material is waterproof. As a result, its uses are primarily found in boat building and businesses with significant water exposure.

When looking for the best plywood for furniture, consider the thickness and grade.


Ply is an abbreviation for layer. The thickness of the sheet is regulated by the ply—more ply results in a thicker and stronger board. Even though the consistency is the same, plywood with fewer plies is thinner and weaker. The minimum number of plies is three and can be increased to five or more.

Plywood Thickness

3ply: The most often used form of plywood for house interiors.

5ply: This plywood is the most flexible option and is 4 mm thick. This sort of plywood is ideal for indoor and outdoor furniture and ornamental substances.

Multi-ply plywood contains seven or more layers, so it is strong enough for long-term projects such as roofs.


Different Grades Of Plywood

Do you want to get the best plywood for furniture? Keep an eye out for plywood grades. Plywood is frequently graded, which determines its quality and look.

A-grade plywood is suitable for furniture and cabinets because it has a smooth and sanded surface with few imperfections.

C-grade: This grade is unhanded and has minor knots and flaws such as discoloration. They are suitable for constructions where aesthetics are unimportant.

DB-grade plywood is similar to A-grade plywood in that it includes a few knots, but the flaws can be up to 1 inch (2.54 cm) broad.

Standard sheets are pre-cut to reduce waste.

Purchasing these wood veneer sheets is a relatively simple process. When you buy a plywood board, you know what size you're buying because they come in conventional sizes. They are also pre-cut to avoid waste.

Pros & Cons


One of the most flexible and cost-effective materials for house decor.

Convenience: Used efficiently without damage to boards due to nails

Durability: It will not warp or shrink.

Economical: less expensive than wood

Flexible: Available in various sizes, densities, and quality levels.

Eco-friendly: There is little waste, and it is recycled.


Shape: It cannot be carved in the same way wood can. It is a delicate material that may easily chip and split.

Water Invasion: Waterproofing is not possible.

Quality Evaluation: Quality cannot be determined just by looking at it.

Handy points when buying plywood

  • Checks For ISI markings

  • Examine the plywood from the outside.

  • Request a small piece of plywood that has been cut to size.

  • How to Choose the Highest Quality Plywood

  • Determine a location for utilization.

  • Always purchase from stockists or large wholesalers.

  • Examine for ISI marks.

  • Examine the plywood from the outside.

  • Request a tiny piece of plywood that has been cut to size.

Hope that helped!

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