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Different Types of Wardrobe Designs for Your Bedroom

A perfectly-designed wardrobe can change the outlook of your bedroom with its aesthetic appeal and chic style. Imagine your 2 BHK, 3 BHK, Villa bedroom without a classy closet? How would you even accommodate your belongings? You want to avoid a lack of organization and a cluttered bedroom. Besides, not knowing where to place your winter jackets or summer wear can frustrate you. A wardrobe is an essential piece of your fixture, and you cannot take it for granted.

A fancy wardrobe is not just a functional fixture in your room; it complements your bedroom's layout and reflects your personality & taste. You can use it to keep your personal belongings and accessories structured and use the space efficiently.

Although choosing an ideal wardrobe isn't an easy task, we have made it simple for you by showcasing different types of cabinets that you can choose for your personal space.

Table Of Contents:

What are the factors that determine your Wardrobe selection?

Several factors determine the type of wardrobe you select. Let's have a look at them.

  • Bedroom layout and available space

  • Consider other fixtures of your bedroom to match the wardrobe style.

  • Closet's structure (wall-to-wall, floor to ceiling, freestanding, etc.)

  • The wardrobe's interior and exterior layout include hanging rods, shelves, etc.

  • Cabinet material

  • Cupboard opening mechanism (sliding door, swing door, hinged door, shutter door, etc.)

  • Storage capacity

  • Budget

Different Wardrobe Types for your Bedroom

1. Walk-in Wardrobe

The most dreamy and lavish - walk-in wardrobes are every girl's dream. When you have a luxurious space in your bedroom, you can take it to the next level with walk-in wardrobes. They offer adequate space for accommodating all your belongings, such as jewelry, makeup, bags, footwear, apparel for different occasions, etc. By implementing versatile drawers and innovating storage options, you can allow more breathing space for your clothes and accessories. The best part is you can SHOP SHOP SHOP.. to fill up the extra space!

Walk-in Wardrobe
Walk-in Wardrobe

2. Angular Wooden Wardrobe

This magical fixture is enough to captivate your heart, isn't it? Complement your room perfectly with this showy closet look that allows you enough space to store all your possession. Multiple compartments and drawers will enable you to accommodate additional stuff, and you can organize everything without piling it up and messing things up. Extra brownie points for those with high ceiling room, for you, can affix shelves at a greater height.

Angular Wooden Wardrobe
Angular Wooden Wardrobe

3. Concealed Closets

Concealed closets can save you a lot of space due to their built-in functionality and stays hidden when the doors are closed. The doors swing open at ninety degrees, giving you the flexibility to view everything inside. If you choose to go for hidden cabinets, ensure that the colour blends with the colour of your walls and lights; otherwise, it can look awkward.

Concealed closets
Concealed closets

4. Sliding Wardrobes

This is a modern wardrobe design chosen by the most elite crowd. As the name suggests, this closet style has sliding doors which slide side-to-side. These sliding doors have metals affixed to the top and bottom of the cupboard, and it doesn't rely on the hinges to function. Since the doors open horizontally, it saves ample space in the front area. Hence, this closet style works well with confined spaces. Its sliding functionality can also cater to larger rooms that require a more extensive wardrobe. The only drawback is that its sliding nature doesn't allow full view at one time; however, that is still manageable.

Sliding Wardrobes
Sliding Wardrobes

4. Glass Wardrobe

Unleash your creative style by opting for a glass-style wardrobe to flaunt your luxurious and extravagant lifestyle. Glass wardrobes with hanging rods, multiple shelves, and a beautiful light can give an elegant look to your bedroom. Give your bedroom a New York-style look by choosing stunning glass closets.

Glass Wardrobe
Glass Wardrobe

5. Hinged Door Closet

This is one of the most conventional wardrobe designs used in Indian homes. The door is firmly attached to the closet with solid hinges or joints, hence known as a hinged door closet. The best thing about this wardrobe is that its doors can swing widely to the outside at a 90-degree angle, enabling you a complete view. It also offers to hang some lightweight and pretty stuff, such as sling bags, posters, scarves, etc., on the inside of the doors. The only drawback is that since this opens on the outside, it might occupy a lot of space in your bedroom which might not be suitable for a small and cozy bedroom area.

Hinged Door Closet
Hinged Door Closet

6. Customised Two-Door Wardrobe/3-Door Wardrobe/4-Door Wardrobe

As many doors, the more space you get to accommodate your belongings; however, it also means consuming more bedroom space. Hence, customize your wardrobe wisely; after all, you don't want to make your room a storage hub. Tailor-made closets offer a significant advantage in choosing the number of shelves and hanging rods you want. You can also decide the laminates and outer appearance of your wardrobe as per your choice. This type of wardrobe works the best for you if you have a reasonable budget.

 Customised Two-Door Wardrobe/3-Door Wardrobe/4-Door Wardrobe
Customised Two-Door Wardrobe/3-Door Wardrobe/4-Door Wardrobe

What's your Wardrobe Style?

As mentioned earlier, there are several factors to consider before choosing a wardrobe, but once chosen, you need to make sure you have the right interior designers by your side. Creating a wardrobe from scratch is no child's play; it requires attention to detail and complete knowledge from material to final product; hence, choose the most experienced interior designers in Bangalore to fulfill your dream the way you want.


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