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The Cost Of A Modular Kitchen: A Comprehensive Breakdown

How Much Does A Modular Kitchen Cost?

A modular kitchen is a contemporary design with built-in modules or components. These are cabinets with pre-selected standard-size pieces. These kitchens are the basis of any household now. Still, the question that first comes to anyone who thinks of transforming from a conventional to a modular kitchen is -What will be the total cost of designing and executing the efforts for a modular kitchen? In this blog, we have explained the various components that add to the total cost. Read through.

What items make up a Modular Kitchen

The various items that come together to give shape to a modular kitchen are listed below:

Ideally, we add them up to see the total cost. Let's look at the cost of all of them one by one.


Woodwork For Modualr kitchen

Woodwork accounts for 60-75% of your modular kitchen's overall cost. All you need to know about the woodwork's value is your kitchen's dimensions. In woodworking, the cost is often calculated by estimating the surface area of visible furniture using two neighbouring sides. A 7ft x 4ft L-shaped kitchen, for example, will have the following area:

Area (of Base Unit) = (7+4-2)ft x 2.9ft

After calculating the sq ft area, multiply it by the per sqft rate to get the final cost:

Cost = area x per square foot rate

Similarly, the cost of middle and loft units must be calculated individually.

The per sqft costs for BWP plywood recommended for Base Units are approximately Rs. 1700₹ -2000 ₹, while MR plywood utilized for Wall Units is around Rs. 1100₹ -1500 ₹. The cost of the loft might be significantly lower, approximately Rs. 600₹ -900 ₹. Other finishes, such as High Gloss or Acrylic, would have varying prices.

The material used in the base and wall units is usually different. True's base unit is BWP plywood, while the wall unit and lofts are MR plywood.

Pro Tip: BWP plywood is significantly higher quality than MR plywood and costs around 75% more.

Accessories For Modular Kitchen

Accessories For Modular Kitchen

Accessories are available these days and include various baskets, pullouts, lifts, etc. The cost of these is based on the price set by the respective companies.

The cost of accessories for your kitchen depends on the amount you are willing to spend for additional sophistication and can vary anywhere from 12k to 15k

Modular Kitchen Countertops

Modular Kitchen Countertops

The cost of the countertop may vary depending on the material you select. You can choose from Granite, Corian, and other materials. Installing granite can range from Rs. 25k to 50K per square foot. This ranges from Rs. 15k to 150K per square foot.

The slab should be installed after the base cabinet's carcass but before the shutter's structure or accessories. If you have an existing slab, your interior designer may advise you to have it removed first. This is an added cost that can occasionally result in a material breakdown.

Chimney & Hob

Modualr kitchen Chimney & Hob

Chimneys and hobs are often obtained from companies. They must be completed before finalizing the plans for your modular kitchen since the size and location of both are required as inputs while constructing the kitchen. A chimney costs between Rs. 12000 to Rs. 24000. Depending on the type of hob, the price might range from 3-4k to 10k.


Sink For Modular Kitchen

Other than shapes and designs, sinks are available at a broad range of prices, starting at 3k and going up to 25k and beyond.


Finally, add all the components included in designing your modular kitchen. To summarise, the price of a modular kitchen can range from Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 5 lahks or more, depending on the primary material, finish accessories, etc.

What will be the average cost of different kitchen cabinets?

Cost of Kitchen with One Wall

The cost starts at Rs. 1050 to 2700 Sq. This simplistic structure, commonly found in smaller kitchens, saves space without sacrificing functionality.

Cost of Galley Kitchen

Depending on the material used. For instance, Wood: is Rs 300 – Rs 1,800 per sq ft, and PVC: is Rs 200 – Rs 2,200 per sq ft. The arrangement of a galley kitchen is defined by two parallel counters with a walking area in between. Because the room might look limited, bright colours should be used to make the kitchen feel open and spacious.

Cost of L-Shaped Kitchen

The estimated cost of an L-shaped modular kitchen is around 2 lakhs. An L-Shaped kitchen plan, as the name implies, is made up of two neighbouring walls and runs of cabinetry, which are frequently referred to as the “legs” of the L. The length of the L's legs may vary depending on the available space, and the design is suited for both big and small kitchens.

Cost of U-Shaped Kitchen

A medium-sized U-shaped kitchen design might cost between Rs. 1,10,000 and Rs. 1,50,000. A U-shaped kitchen is a kitchen layout with three walls lined with cupboards and equipment. It is a practical design that saves floor space. A U-shaped kitchen makes the most of its wall space by utilizing it for cupboards and equipment.

Cost of Island Kitchen

Island Shape Laminated Finish Modular Kitchen In 10 X 10 Feet Size cost goes up to ₹ 3.90 Lakh. A kitchen island is a standalone device designed to improve the practicality and beauty of your home's cooking area. The typical unit is rectangular, with one portion serving as a breakfast counter.


Several elements, including the size of the kitchen, the materials used, and the design's complexity, can significantly impact the price of a modular kitchen. For a more precise estimate, it is advisable to speak with a contractor or kitchen designer.

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