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Durability And Style: Laminates For Your Kitchen

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

One of the most exciting but, at the same time, a bit tricky jobs is to decide the colour and finish of kitchen laminates for your kitchen cabinets. The kitchen cabinets are the deciding factor in the look and feel of your kitchen. Laminates are used for both modular and conventional kitchens and are categorized into high-pressure laminates used on plywood and low-pressure laminates used on particle boards. Laminates carry various options of colours and finish replicating wood, stone, or leather. High-pressure laminates are preferred by the best kitchen interior designers in Bangalore for kitchens because they are durable, low maintenance, and possess high resistance to heat.

5 Best Laminates for Kitchen Cabinets In India

1. Matte finish laminate

Matte finish laminate for kitchen

Matte finish laminates have a constant standard finish with mild reflectiveness. It provides a look of functionality and delicate elegance to the kitchen area. The biggest advantage of these laminates is that they are formidable in resisting scratches and dust making them relatively maintenance-free. Opting for a 1-millimetre thick laminate for the external area of the kitchen cabinet and a 0.7-millimetre thick laminate as a liner for the inner side of the drawers and cabinets will give them a neat look making them easier to clean. Matte finish laminates need to be taken utmost care by avoiding sustained exposure to water or excessive moisture as it can result in the laminate to get loosen from the base making it difficult to repair.

2. Gloss finish laminate

Gloss finish laminate for kitchen

To give your kitchen an attractive mirror-like sheen you can opt for a glossy finish laminate. It delivers a luxurious and comfy look to the kitchen and attracts more brightness to the kitchen space because of its capability to reflect light. However, Gloss finish laminates are prone to scratches and need timely cleaning as they can show fingerprints and smudges quite vividly if not cleaned properly. Stuck between glossy and mate? In that scenario, getting a mix and match of both would be the best deal. You can get the upper cabinet smudged with a gloss finish and the lower cabinet and drawers with a matte finish. The ceiling lights will help highlight the glossy surface of the upper cabinet, whereas a matte finish will make the lower cabinets easy to clean as the lower cabinets and drawers are used regularly and are subjected to wear and tear.

3. Textured laminate

Textured laminate for kitchen

To get a vibrant look for kitchen laminates filled with solid colours, you can get textured laminate for your kitchen space. Textures that stimulate the look and feel of elements like solid wood are most preferred for kitchens. A heavily textured kitchen laminate is scratch resistant but also has the potential to attract more dirt and dust. Textured laminates require regular cleaning with a wet cloth soaked in detergent water. For deeper cleaning, soapy water is preferred but avoid steel wood scrubbers as they may hamper the surface.

4. Solid colour laminate

Solid colour laminate for kitchen in india

Introducing multi-coloured laminates in your kitchen space gives your kitchen a unique and trendy appearance. You can get multi-coloured solid laminates for your kitchen cabinets and drawers by combining two or more solid colour texture laminates. Mix solid colours that complement each other effectively to get a perfect look. You can get a deeper shade of yellow here and white to keep the area looking bright and open. Using grey textured laminates adds more depth and feel to the whole arena. Scratches are more visible in dark colours as compared to light colours. One key limitation is that once a chip is in the laminate, it is impossible to repair. If it gets damaged, the whole laminate panel needs to be replaced.

5. Metal finish laminate

Kitchen with Metal finish laminate

Metal finish laminates are more durable than solid laminates and do not chip easily. Consider getting metal finish laminate to allow your kitchen a sleek and modern look. There is a feel of richness in the sheen of metal laminates that casually provides a high-end look to the kitchen. These are relatively more expensive than other laminate finishes and are available in minimal colour options, like copper, rose gold, and silver. Keep in mind that the edges of metal laminates are very sharp, so it is necessary to have good workmanship while installing them in the kitchen.


To get an elegant look for your kitchen, you can also mix and match the kitchen surfaces. You can also opt for a dual-tone kitchen to get enough vibrancy in your kitchen’s appearance. While there are a variety of kitchen laminates available in the market possessing unique qualities of their own. It is also necessary to know what suits best to your kitchen area and what is your main attraction for getting a kitchen laminate. Ideas and Living provide your kitchen space with durability and a classic look with a mixture of different laminates to suit your requirements and needs.

To get a new look for your house in Bangalore, always choose the best interior designers in Bangalore.

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