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How To Choose The Perfect Window Treatment For Your Space

When it is about styling your windows, please don’t take it lightly. Window treatment for your home has endless possibilities, and you want to make the most to enhance your home with the best window dressing options. With the wide range of possibilities, from sheer drapes to blackout curtains, you can undoubtedly get overwhelmed… however, we are here to help you consider various aspects before choosing the best window treatment for your sweet home!

The best window treatments are an ideal combination of style and comfort. Besides beautifying your home, they also perform a specific function. The windows in each room will have different needs that will be addressed to get the most of your window dressings. The functioning of your window treatment will depend upon your room as well.

Consider the Key Elements for your Window Treatment

Consider the Key Elements for your Window Treatment

Before choosing the best window treatment for your room, you need to consider the following considerations from interior design company in Bangalore.


It’s crucial to consider the type of material best for your room. For instance, sheer curtains may evoke light perfectly but won’t be ideal for the kid’s room. It would help if you considered the aspects such as how the fabric will drape over time, how it will look with different lighting types, and whether it will stretch out with time. You won’t change your window dressings for a long time, so you must get it done very well.

The Right Fit

A well-fitted curtain will make your room neat and polished. Correctly scaled window dressings can beautify your room - as per several designers. Measuring your window is a crucial step in achieving the perfect fit. Order the samples and try a curtain to match them against your wall color and overall color palettes. You definitely want to introduce fabric and shade that compliments your home without dominating your design.


Your window dressing should reflect the style and vibe of your home. Moreover, they should enrich and complement the interior through color, patterns, and texture. Furthermore, you can also consider any architectural aspects of your room that are meant to adorn your beautiful windows. After all, what’s the point of putting a heavy fabric over your window if it doesn’t set the tone for your space.


If you are a private person, this definitely should matter to you! Consider the proximity of what surrounds your home that will determine your privacy needs. If you have neighbors or open spaces around your home, you might want a thick fabric to hide the external view into your home to avoid unwanted attention.

Picturesque views

Everyone loves a picturesque view. If your windows are set to look over a beautiful landscape, you might want a window dressing that frames your view. Whereas, if your window is set in a place where the view is not appealing, you might want to opt for a window treatment that will block those unattractive views.


Always consider the direction of your window. Windows facing the north will barely receive direct sunlight, but windows facing other directions will receive direct sunlight during the day. Window dressings can control the amount of the sun, but they will differ in how they perform tasks. Considering the amount of the sun you want to let in vs. the need to block out UV rays will determine the type of window treatment you want for your room.

The Bottom Line

Window treatments play a crucial role in your space. They are vital in helping each room serve its purpose while beautifying the home. No matter which corner of your home you are looking to enrich, Ideas & Living - The best interior designers in Bangalore are here to help you. With tons of interior design options available, we will provide you with the best window treatment options to fit your lifestyle and needs.


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